We can’t sell it, so we’re giving it away.

Got a call from an old friend, George Tran.  He IM’d me to say hello and tell me about his newest venture.  He is giving his house away on the NET….  Wow.  I have known George to be very honest and forethright, but this seemed a bit whacky until I read his blog page.  This is actually a very cool idea.  Check it out and join the social network experiment.  Here is a press release I wrote and put out for him.

We can’t sell it, so we’re giving it away.

JW Najarian www.linkedin/in/jwnajarian

Well known Internet marketer George Tran of “One Shopping Cart” fame.  Is doing a social network experimanet.

“As an internet marketer, I wanted to try a social network experiment to see if we can have some fun and give away our house to someone who is most worthy of it…and who would cherish the house.

What we want to do is to give away the house to someone who is worthy and, at the same time, see if we can help some non-profit organizations.  Our thought was this: we can ask people to pay $49.95 to register their interest in the house and write or film a story about why they deserve the house, then let the internet community decide who is most worthy.  The family that is voted most worthy by December 23rd, 2008 will receive the house from us as soon as the money clears from PayPal.

Here’s the idea.  We ask for a $49.95 registration fee.  If we receive $300,000, enough to cover our basic expenses so we can pay off the mortgage, any additional money will be divided equally between  Habitat for Humanity, Best Friends Animal Shelter and Citizens for Health.” – George Tran

I have know George for sometme and this is no joke.  Check it out for yourself.  Here is Georges Blog page to check out the deal.  http://freehouse.wordpress.com/we-cant-sell-it-so-were-giving-it-away/

Here is the registration site:  https://www.mcssl.com/SecureCart/Checkout.aspx?sctoken=06b3bc3c1ab94c8ca60eb04b1798c854&bhcp=1

Today I am working on putting together The Success Network Group on LinkedIn.  Come join. www.linkedin.com/e/gis/79765


One response to “We can’t sell it, so we’re giving it away.

  1. Thanks JW. I am donating $1 for every Digg vote for this article we get to Citizens for Health. These guys are awesome and I really love what they stand for.


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