Feed333’s website went down today so I help by making a new one until they could re install the old one at Go Daddy.  I hadn’t worked on websites for awhile so it was quite fun.  I do however want to get out my Commercial Real Estate Newsletter so I will work diligently tomorrow to get it out.  You can see the site at www.prigen.net/feed333.  More importantly I am working on getting sponsors for the event in Los Angeles.  We have the Clippers and Amy Brenneman.  Larry Jones from Feed the Children will also be there.  Please contact me if you would like to help organize or volunteer.  Dec 13th at the Salvation Army location in Los Angeles.  Send me a message or call if you want more info.  Also we are looking for corporate sponsors and sponsors for our food trucks.  For $12,500 you will be providing $50,000 worth of food to the working poor of Los Angeles.  You will get your corporate or any name you choose on the truck and there will be a lot of news coverage.  Last year we were a top story.


One response to “Feed333.org

  1. Hello JW,

    If you need help organizing or a volunteer in Chicago I would be glad to help. I grew up in Greater Los Angeles and lived there until opportunity led me to Chicago six months ago. Feed the Children sounds like a wonderful organization serving a great cause!

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