Welcome to my new and first blog.  As I am new to blogging I am sure I will screw this up pretty well to start, but hope that I can get good enough to offer great and interesting information.

I work in commercial finance.  I help find funding for various commercial projects.  From time to time I also help investors find other great opportunities.

I am looking for great deals for for my investor friends and also capital to help fund their projects.  I would like to talk to anyone that is interested in the same.

My main passion is working with Humanity Unites Brilliance www.CheckOutHUB.com which is a company that uses network marketing to help fund humanitarian causes around the world.

I have created a few groups on LinkedIn that I hope will help serve a diverse set of entreprenuers.   Check out U.S. Veteran (vets only), Humanity Unites Brilliance (members only), The Commercial Real Estate Professional Investors Network (All Investors or Finance Professionals are welcome), The Professional Success Networking Group (All are welcome).

I will be discussing each of these in further detail later, but for the meantime I would like to get to know and serve everyone better and am looking for others who feel the same way.


One response to “Welcome

  1. Hello JW,

    I will check in from time to time on your blog and take you up on your offer. Investing in commercial real estate is a goal of mine and I am focused on buying my first property before July this year. Your advice is greatly appreciated and I must add I like that you make serving the humanities a priority.

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